By travelling the world, we obtained a glimpse of many cultures wich provided us with an increase of knowledge and passion for colors, materials and luxury details, present at the four corners of the world. Based in Oporto, the creation of SVBLIME LVX® brand was the combination of the historical city where it is based and all the inspirational travelling made by us. SVBLIME LVX® is a luxury acessories brand, specialized in handmade jewelry pieces, made with fine materials from all over the world, that can be used anytime, by anyone. For now, it combines luxury handmade jewelry pieces, iOS leather cases and small leather goods. Irreverence can be found in every piece, making SVBLIME LVX® the one to be followed and desired. SVBLIME LVX® has a lot of diferent pieces to turn your outfit and personality even more unique and special whether for a business meeting, nightout or just a relaxing day at beach. Every product you purchase will be packed with extra care, in our special customized boxes and customized gift bags. Each piece has the official brand tag so that SVBLIME LVX® can be recognized all over the world.