Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Presentation: this website is owned and operated by Gabriel Santos, legal representative of the brand SVBLIME LVX®, which is registered in the National Institute of Intellectual Property, under registration number 563850; it is therefore forbidden by law to appropriate, disseminate, reproduce, or use this website.

Use of this site is subject to Terms of Use listed below. In the event of disagreement with these terms, the user is advised to leave the site.

The user hereby agrees to read the following paragraphs, and to fully abide by them. If in doubt, users may contact the operator at the address contactsvblimelvx.com.

2. Terms of use: The user agrees to use the website according to these terms and conditions, with no detriment to current legal regulations, while also abiding by current principles of good faith and good practice, namely:
  1. Respecting the rights of third parties, not harming them at any time or in any way;
  2. Not doing anything, under any circumstances, that may limit, hinder, or impede the use of the site under normal conditions;
  3. Not spreading any kind of malicious software that is likely to cause any kind of damage;
  4. Not accessing or attempting to access restricted areas of the website, primarily to obtain private client information or other information, with or without the intent to cause serious damage to other users or the operator;
  5. Not translating, modifying, changing the language, compiling, decompiling, reproducing, renting, subletting, spreading, transmitting, distributing, or in any other way using the site and/or other tools, including the functions of the site, in such a way that it violates any right, regardless of its nature;
  6. Not using the site to create unrequested links or shortcuts in emails or websites owned by third parties or the visitor to the website;
  7. Not using the tools and functions of the site to spread messages unrelated to the site, directed at any person, of an ethnic, political, religious, cultural, abusive, or defamatory nature;
  8. Holding the operator of the site harmless of any civil and/or criminal liability in the event of any damage or expense incurred as a result of a violation or infraction committed by the visitor to the site or any person acting on the visitor's behalf, with or without his or her consent;
  9. The operator may freely block/restrict the access of any user, as long as unsuitable behaviour is detected, with no detriment to the use of any appropriate legal or administrative mechanisms;
3. Customers' personal information: In order to make purchases on the site, users must create an account with their data, which will be properly stored and used solely for conducting business transactions, in accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data and the privacy and safety policy.

The creation of the account is subject to the user giving their consent to providing their information, as well as to how said information will be treated.

The user attests to the fact that the information supplied is true, and is responsible for said information, as well as for any changes which may need to be made after the initial registration.

The user is responsible for defining the access credentials, as well as for any improper use of the account.

4. Minors under the age of 18: minors under the age of 18 may not carry out any purchases on the site unless they are legally represented.

5. Personal Harm, Privacy and Sefety: The site is subject to a specific policy that governs the management and treatment of personal information, and which abides by current regulations on this matter.

6. Product descriptions: The website has a description for each product, which includes the characteristics and composition of the products, as well as potential health and safety hazards, availability, and the price.

7. Stock: the products advertised on the site are usually available for sale; however, for reasons outside the operator's powers, some items may run out.

In the event that a product has run out or is otherwise unavailable, the operator agrees to make every effort to resolve the situation while causing the customer the least amount of trouble.

8. Offers: The operator may at any time, carry out promotional campaigns, the frequency and duration of which will be at their sole discretion.

As part of said offers, prices may be lower than usual, in which case these offers may not be used in conjunction with any other offer, and there may be restrictions on the following:

  1. The quantity of available products;
  2. The period of time during which the products will be available;
  3. The possibility to exchange or return the product.

The conditions of each offer will be communicated in due time by the operator.

9. Payments: The website has a specific policy which governs the available payment options. This policy is an integral part of the current terms of use.

10. Price: The website displays prices that are valid for online purchases, including the current rate of VAT.

11. Monitoring of purchases: After the user's (now consumer) purchase has been confirmed, they will be autmatically sent a confirmation email to the email address they have indicated.

Once the item has been dispatched, the consumer will be sent another email with the tracking number for their parcel.

If there are any questions regarding the tracking, the user may directly contact the operator at the email address provided at the start of this document.

12. Delivery Policy: the site has a specific delivery policy which governs the procedures for delivering purchased products. Said policy is part of these Terms of Use.

13. Returns and Exchanges: the site has a specific returns policy that governs returns and exchanges of purchased products, in accordance with current regulations on this matter. Said policy is part of these Terms of Use.

14. Intellectual property rights: The user is under no circumstances authorised to use the brand SVBLIME LVX®, or to reproduce it in full or in part. Similarly they may not use any trademark or distinctive symbol registered by SVBLIME LVX®, in Portugal or abroad.

15. European Platform for Online Dispute Resolution: According to Law No. 144/2015 of 8 September in case of dispute the consumer can use the European Platform for Online Dispute Resolution available in https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr. For more information about the platform consult http://cec.consumidor.pt/topicos1/resolucao-de-conflitos-/resolucao-de-conflitos-em-linha. To know the Alternative Resolution of entities Consumer disputes recorded see the Consumer Portal in www.consumidor.pt.

16.The user agrees to not use the brands or variations of the brands (including spelling mistakes or phonetic changes) as a full or partial domain name, including for the purposes of creating other sites or email addresses.

The full content of the site, including its name, programs, databases, files, texts, pictures, layouts, headers, and other elements, are the property of the operator and are protected by current legislation on national and international intellectual property.

SVBLIME LVX® is not affiliated in any form to any brand displayed in our website or social networks other than ours. We might use some photos from our customers to promote SVBLIME LVX® brand and products. We dont take credit or any responsability for those photos.

Returns and Exchanges

1. Contact: should you need any further information or clarification regarding the exchange and returns policy, you may contact the operator at the following email address: contac@svblimelvx.com 

All emails should include the user's information. Users will then receive confirmation of their email, which will be dealt with within 5 (five) days, except if there is any reasonable cause for the response to be delayed.

2. Legal deadline for returns: according to current European legislation on consumer protection, consumers have fourteen (14) calendar days to cancel their purhcase without having to give a reason.

The aforementioned deadline starts on the day after the consumer or third party representative (not the courier) receives the item they purchased.

In order to exercise their right to freely cancel their purchase, users must indicate their intention to do so in writing, in such a way that there can be no doubts as to their intentions.

In order for the free cancellation period to be applied, users have until the last day of this period to communicate their intention.

In the event that the contract is terminated, all payments made, including postage costs, will be reimbursed no later than 14 (fourteen) days after the intention to cancel the contract has been communicated.

Refunds will be made using the same payment method used in the initial transaction, except if expressly agree otherwise; in any case, the refund will come at no expense to the buyer. However, the refund may be withheld until the returned goods have been received, or until proof of dispatch has been provided.

3. Limitations: after the purchased goods have been returned, the condition of the goods will be examined. If they are not in perfect condition or show any signs of having been used, the right to return the item for a full refund may be revoked, and the consumer will be promptly informed of this fact.

4. Exchanges: For a period of 30 (thirty) days, in compliance with legal provisions in this regard, the consumer may exchange a purchased good for another equal or equivalent good, in the event that the purchased good is damaged or unsuitable for its intended use, except if the damage has been caused intentionally by the consumer or due to negligence, in which case they will be notified that they are unable to exercise their right to an exchange.

If the condition of the product is good enough that it can be exchanged, the buyer may opt for one of the three following alternatives:

  1. Receiving an identical product;
  2. Receiving a shopping voucher for the total amount paid for the good;
  3. Receiving an equivalent or different product, with the price of the returned good subtracted from the end price payable by the buyer.

Delivery Policy

According to current legislation, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the seller must fulfil the order within no more than 30 (thirty) days, counting from the day after the contract has been entered into.

In the event that the order cannot be fulfilled due to the product being unavailable, the operator must inform the consumer of this fact and reimburse them within no more than 14 (fourteen) days, counting from the date that the seller became aware of the unavailability of the item.

If the operator has not reimbursed the consumer after this period has elapsed, the operator will have to pay the consumer double the amount they paid.

The operator may provide a good of equivalent quality and price, should the consumer consent to this, as long as this possibility has been taken into account before entering into the contract or as part of the contract itself.

5. Others:
  1. Change requests: changes made after the checkout process has been completed will not be met.
  2. Delays: some exceptional circumstances may cause delays in the delivery of purchased products, such as incorrect, incomplete, or non-existent information, or the occurrence of natural or human factors identified as random and isolated events. In these cases, the operator will endeavor to keep the customer informed about the problem that caused delay and how the order will be completed.
  3. SVBLIME LVX® only deliver their products to the countries designated in the shipping table and may change the delivery policy to the countries refered at any time, withou early warning.

Privacy and Security Policy

1. General information: The operator shall take all necessary steps to protect consumer privacy, in accordance with current legislation.

2. Collection, use, and storage of personal data:
  1. Data collection: to create an account for accessing the site, the consumer must fill in a form. The information provided will be used to send promotional messages about products, offers, and other things that are relevant about the brand SVBLIME LVX®.

To perform any transaction, the consumer must fill out a separate form, which requires the collection of other types of pieces of information that are needed to complete the sale and send a bill for the purchased good.

The consumer is civilly and criminally responsible for the accuracy of the data provided. The operator is not liable for any damage resulting from incomplete or inaccurate information being provided, or from the improper use of the data by third parties who have access to said data through any means.

In order to offer a better browsing and shopping experience to the consumer, this site uses technology to collect and store consumer data relating to how they access the site, which may include sending one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers that collect data on the consumer's browsing preferences and history, in order to adapt the site to the needs and preferences of each visitor. The use of said data for a purpose other than what has been described above is prohibited. Any visitor who disagrees with the cookies policy described above may use the tools on their browser to disable these mechanisms; however, doing so may compromise the correct operation of the site.

  1. Use of the data: the email address provided by the consumer will only be used to send information regarding purchases made or to send advertisements and promotional messages. Users may opt to stop receiving these kinds of messages.

However, the operator may use the personal information for the following purposes:

- Update their records;

- Guarantee the safety of the consumer;

- Respond to user requests;

- Send information about changes to the terms and conditions of use of the site;

- compile statistics about the use of the site;

- comply with court orders;

- defend the rights of the operator in legal or administrative proceedings against the user.

  1. Data storage: the operator shall keep all the information gathered in safe and secure databases, for at least the period legally prescribed for this purpose in the event that the user requests to be removed from said databases.
3. Disclosure of personal information: the confidentiality of users' data is a priority of the operator, who undertakes not to spread, share, provide access, lease, sell, exchange, or in any other way make this information available to third parties for any reason, except if the user gives their consent to do so.

In the event of carrying out commercial transactions, the user/consumer's personal information may be provided to the operator's commercial partners, such as payment processing companies and couriers, though only as much information as is necessary for these parties to fulfil their role. Said parties must also preserve the confidentiality of the information, except if complying with a legal order.

Payment Services

The consumer can pay for their purchases on the website using credit cards, namely, Visa®, MasterCard® or American Express®, or use a Paypal® account.

The delivery period will be counted from the time that the order is approved, which may vary according to the chosen payment method.

In the event that a product has to be returned, the operator will provide the consumer with an address to return the purchased goods. Refunds for payments made with credit cards will be done via a charge reversal requested from the credit card company. This will be done within no more than 72 (seventy-two) hours after the condition of the returned product has been checked and accepted. The time it takes for the charge to be reversed is the responsibility of the credit card company.